📺 How Diplomats Get Away with Murder

📺 How Diplomats Get Away with Murder

In 2019, the world was shocked by the tragic case of Harry Dunn, a British teenager killed in a road accident. The suspect? Anne Sacoolas, wife of a U.S. diplomat, who fled to America claiming diplomatic immunity. But what is diplomatic immunity?

Diplomatic immunity, a cornerstone of international relations, protects diplomats from prosecution under host country laws. It ensures diplomats can carry out their duties without fear of legal harassment or political retribution. It's a foundational concept in international relations, born from the idea that diplomats need to operate without the fear of prosecution, even when they're in violation of the host country's laws. But when immunity shields those involved in serious crimes, it raises questions about justice and accountability.

However, imagine a world without diplomatic immunity. Would diplomacy be hindered by constant legal threats? Or would it ensure justice for victims like Harry Dunn?


How Diplomats Get Away with Murder. By @GeovaneVideo on YouTube