Is China Expanding its Nuclear Forces?

The Pentagon has said China is expanding its nuclear force, has doubled its nuclear warhead stockpile since 2020, and is on course to quadruple its total number of warheads according to a report on military and security developments concerning China.

Currently, China has around 400 warheads, but experts are predicting this could rise to 1,500 by 2035, with no stated plans for its increased stockpile. However, Xi called for building a strong strategic deterrence during October’s party conference.

By comparison, the US has 3750 active nuclear warheads, and a rise in Chinese stockpiles is causing uncertainty for US defense officials as they figure out how to deal with two nuclear powers in Russia and China.

China responded to the US report, reiterating its no first use of nuclear weapons stance and calling the US the “biggest troublemaker and destroyer of world peace and stability.”