✅ How Tom Liptay Beat the Experts in Pandemic Forecasting

How does a world-renowned superforecaster compare to public health experts when forecasting the future of the pandemic? We spoke with one in to find out. Tom Liptay is a PhD, CPA, investor, and superforecaster with Good Judgement Project. Amongst the top forecasters, he is among the top-ranked. Tom (@TLiptay) co-founded Maby, a platform that provides companies and organizations with the requisite tools to make quality forecasts for their business, or other exogenous issues to their operations.

In episode 3 of The Right Side of Maybe, we talked to Tom about a series of Covid-19-related predictions he made on Maby and how they compared with public health experts'. Tom shared a lot of useful insights for new and expert forecasters alike looking to make better, more valuable predictions.


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